Fabulous meet and greet at Cardiff by the Sea with NAPW San Diego Chapter. What great women! (at Cardiff State Beach)

A thought for today #love #liveinthoment #life #friendship (at cruising the internet universe wisdom gems)

Duality in a tree… (at Balboa Park Golf Course)

Can I hit it between the trees ? (at Balboa Park Golf Course)

No one behind me. No one in front of me . Peaceful day. (at Balboa Park Golf Course)

How to beat the golfcourse crowds… #1 Chargers playing
#2 90 degrees in the shade (at Balboa Park Golf Course)

Makes the high cost of living worthwhile #thingsyoufindinsandiego a
(at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve)

View to Torrey Pines from Del Mar #thingsyoufindinsandiego (at Torrey Pines State Beach)

Time and distance is irrelevant to true friendship when your inner spirits have connected, the bond can last a lifetime and the affection offered is unconditional. (at wandering the universe via the internet)